Letter From Pamela Gunther, Founder/CEO of Fit and Fun Playscapes


I am so happy to launch our first newsletter! This was something that we planned for some time, and well, it didn't seem like the time was right while we were in the heat of dealing with COVID. Our goal for this newsletter was to focus on the amazing projects and resilience of educators that pushed forward, even during a pandemic! From community-led volunteerism to virtual professional development and conferences, folks that are passionate and determined to push on are our jam!

I have 3 children of my own, ranging from a college student, a senior in high school, and a middle schooler. Focusing on a newsletter was difficult for me from a parental perspective as well as a business one. Our company is comprised of incredibly passionate and creative changemakers and we have worked so hard to bring you quality products that adjust to schools' needs. We pride ourselves on content that is relevant to your interests and promotions that support schools' ever-shrinking budgets. This is a tall list, but we hope that you find value in our aspirations. We thank you for supporting small businesses during this difficult time!


Pam Gunther

Founder, CEO - Fit and Fun Playscapes


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