Teacher Talks - Heather Taylor


Heather Taylor is an elementary school band teacher from Rochester, New York. She's been involved with music for nearly her entire life and loves sharing that passion for music with her students.


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Heather would have two main concerts with her kiddos – a winter concert and a spring concert. Additionally, her kiddos would perform the national anthem at their local minor league baseball team, the Rochester Red Wings, every spring. The performance allowed her to bring her school community band together for a family fun night.

Heather is already seeing the effects of the pandemic on the musical progression on her students. Because of virtual lessons, Heather struggled to be able to walk her kids through basic instruction, like opening the instrument case and reading music. Due to those setbacks, she expects that her younger kids will have to restart their lessons from scratch.

 Heather is a prime example of how the power of social media can help a teacher surmount funding obstacles. After years of applying for grants at her school and local level, she leveraged her Twitter account using the hashtag #clearthelist to get her students necessary band supplies with an Amazon wishlist. She’s had her wishlist “cleared” by Chip Gaines, from the show “Fixer Upper,” and T-Mobile.

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