Wall Push-Up Super Stickers®

SS 7003

Push your way down the hall with this set of wall push-up stickers!

Bring active and sensory play anywhere with our Super Stickers®. Perfect for hallways, classrooms, brain breaks, paths, before and after-school programs, active learning spaces, and even at home! Developed with occupational therapists and physical educators, our Super Stickers® are colorful, versatile, and help improve motor sensory skills.

Set consists of 34 stickers, including 8 sets of handprints, 8 sets of footprints, and movement words "Wall" and "Push-up" stickers.
Sizes: Each footprint is 4 inches wide by 9.5 inches high, each handprint is 6.25 inches by 6.75 inches. 

Our Super Stickers® meet the highest safety and maintenance standards making them the favorite among schools all over the world. Super Stickers® are pre-cut, slip resistant, extremely durable and are made by 3M specifically for floors and walls. And the best part? There's no professional installation required!

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Wall Push-Up Super Stickers®
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