Peace Path by Soul Shoppe Reusable Stencil


Help kids work out their recess conflicts together with Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path!

Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path is being used on thousands of playgrounds across the United States, giving students a chance to resolve conflicts peacefully, literally “step by step.” It allows adults to lessen their involvement, or be involved in more meaningful ways while empowering students to settle their own disagreements fairly with both parties being heard. Enjoy a more peaceful and fun school where students learn to walk and talk out their issues respectfully. 

Be sure to check out the Peace Path Guide to help your staff understand how to implement the Peace Path throughout your school community in an effort to resolve conflicts… amicably and peacefully.

Size: Approximately 4 feet wide by 13 feet long.

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Our Reusable Stencils are made of commercial-grade plastic, making them the best choice for pavement markings among schools and parks all over the world. Reusable Stencils are easy-to use and include illustrated application instructions and game ideas. If you've already purchased a stencil and are looking to only order Paint & Supplies, click here to browse options.

Click here to learn more about the specific qualities and benefits of using Reusable Stencils or download the Fit and Fun Playscapes Catalog.

Site License — As of August 25, 2016, all stencil purchases include a limited multi-use site license for up to 10 sites. If stencils are to be applied at more than 10 sites, please contact Fit & Fun Playscapes to obtain information on additional license fees, if applicable.
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Peace Path by Soul Shoppe Reusable Stencil
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