P.E. Distance Assistance Roll-Out Activities™ Package

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We created a package of 10 physical education aligned Roll-Out Activities™ and Super Stickers ™ that are touch-free, requires no equipment, and can be used to maintain and organize physical/ social distance.  Safely meet state and national grade level outcomes using our pre-planned layouts or create your own. Each package includes 10 activities, 10 organizational stickers, and 4 pre-planned layouts and activity guides.  Receive free samples to test adhesion of Super Stickers by clicking here.

We took the most popular fitness, wellness, and motor skills and made them portable, making physical education lessons possible anywhere. These heavy-duty, easy to use Roll-Out Activities™ are perfect for indoor P.E. lessons. Developed with physical educators, our Roll-Out Activities™ are colorful, durable, and allow kids to have fun while improving motor sensory skills. Call for district bulk pricing.

Our Roll-out Activities™ are made of high-quality vinyl that can be transported, unrolled and used just about anywhere indoors. Simply unroll our Roll-Out Activities™ and bring the benefits of active play anywhere.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of purchasing our Roll-Out Activities™ or download the Fit and Fun Playscapes Catalog.

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P.E. Distance Assistance Roll-Out Activities™ Package
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