P.E. Distance Assistance Roll-Out Activities® Package

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We created a package of 10 physical education aligned Roll-Out Activities® and Super Stickers® that are touch-free, requires no equipment, and can be used to maintain and organize physical/ social distance. Safely meet state and national grade level outcomes using our pre-planned layouts or create your own. Each package includes 10 activities, 10 organizational stickers, and pre-planned layouts and activity guides.  Receive free samples to test adhesion of Super Stickers® by clicking here.

We took the most popular fitness, wellness, and motor skills and made them portable, making physical education lessons possible anywhere. These heavy-duty, easy to use Roll-Out Activities® are perfect for indoor P.E. lessons. Developed with physical educators, our Roll-Out Activities® are colorful, durable, and allow kids to have fun while improving motor sensory skills. Call for district bulk pricing.

 Included in Package: 

Daisy Hopscotch

Fitness Agility Ladder

Rainbow Infinity

Snake Loop

Zig Zag
Shape Shift

Jumping Jacks

High Knees
PE Spots Super Stickers®

Our Roll-Out Activities® are made of high-quality vinyl that can be transported, unrolled and used just about anywhere indoors. Simply unroll our Roll-Out Activities® and bring the benefits of active play anywhere.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of purchasing our Roll-Out Activities® or download the Fit and Fun Playscapes Catalog.

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P.E. Distance Assistance Roll-Out Activities® Package
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