• PE Ideas - Tyrone Elementary

    PE Ideas - Tyrone Elementary

    With kids getting more and more screen time each and every day, breaks for physical activity are becoming more and more important. But how to get kids engaged in activities that teach life skills and promote physical activity? Some schools are turning to low-tech, high-energy alternatives reminiscent of yesteryears. But with a total update. Large scale, colorful games that bring diverse physical opportunities for...
  • Fit and Fun Playscapes Named as a Resource by CDC & SHAPE America

    Fit and Fun Playscapes Named as a Resource by CDC & SHAPE America

    According to the recent “Recess Planning In Schools: A Guide to Putting Strategies into Practice” published in January of 2017 by the CDC and Shape America, Fit & Fun Playscapes is listed as a resource for Strategy Category 3: Creating an Environment Supportive of Physical Activity During Recess.  Fit & Fun Playscapes staffs professional designers that have created over 50 recess game stencil designs and 10 stencil packages,...
  • Implementing A Healthy Lifestyle

    Implementing A Healthy Lifestyle

    Sometimes letting children sit in front of a television or play on an electronic device seems easier to keep our youth entertained rather than encouraging them to get out and play. By promoting outdoor play, we are promoting physical activity that is enjoyable and beneficial. We can implement a healthier lifestyle by incorporating these four steps below: The first step starts with us -- the...
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