We Should Be Practicing "Physical Distancing," not "Social Distancing"


We Should Be Practicing "Physical Distancing," not "Social Distancing"

 two cartoonish figures standing six feet apart practicing social distancing

Social distancing, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, "is deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness," which they say should be at least six (6) feet apart.

Johns Hopkins Medicine is not the only organization or entity preaching the value of social distancing, either. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in their own guidelines about preventing the spread of COVID-19, discussed ways to implement social distancing in schools, public places, the workplace, and everyday life.

However, it's important to note that "social distancing" does not mean that all social interaction should cease. On the contrary, at a time when schools are closing worldwide and more and more children are staying at home, social interaction is absolutely key in maintaining healthy social-emotional and mental well-being.

That's why Fit and Fun Playscapes advocates the use of the word "physical distancing" instead of social distancing. "Physical distancing" carries the exact weight that "social distancing" does, without the potential stigma that people should stop communicating with one another at all. 

The wonderful thing about being alive in today's world is near-global access to the internet, allowing billions of people access to video-chatting software like Skype, WebEx or Facetime. While we all should absolutely follow the advice of experts and professionals, we should be cautious of the words we use to communicate that advice to one another. 

It's incredibly important that we maintain our social relationships through video chatting apps, or the good old-fashioned phone call when we are spending so much of our time inside our homes and/or in isolation.

Let's make sure that we take care of ourselves mentally as well during these tough times!

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