Teacher Talks - Anna Forcelledo


Anna Forcelledo is the President-elect of MOSHAPE, a.k.a. Missouri SHAPE. A former middle school physical education teacher, Anna was elected to lead Missouri SHAPE in 2020.

As a young child, Anna's mother told her to find something she likes to do and make a career out of it. Anna chose to teach physical education.

Anna's goal as a physical education teacher is to not be like the teachers and coaches she experienced growing up - teachers and coaches who told her she wasn't good enough at this or that. Instead, Anna teaches all her students that no matter where they come from or what struggles they have, they can be successful in life.

"It's never been more exciting to grow up being a female," she said in a Feb. 2020 Twitter post. "The door is wide open for them. Whatever it is they want to achieve, they can do that. It's limitless."


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