• Letters to Save P.E. - A Letter from Beth Sibik

    Letters to Save P.E. - A Letter from Beth Sibik

    Beth Sibik is a physical education/wellness teacher for the Winchendon School District in Massachusetts. She has worked in the district for 21 years. The district has decided to cut the unified arts programs for the fall semester. She has written a letter to the district, which has been posted in a private Facebook group.
  • 2019: A Year In Review

    2019: A Year In Review

    2019 was an amazingly awesome year, one in which we made huge strides as a company. Join us as we recap our year and reveal some of our favorite moments and highlights in this year's "2019: A Year In Review!"
  • Effective Sensory Pathways Design

    Effective Sensory Pathways Design

    What makes sensory pathways, well... a sensory pathway? What elements are required to make an effective sensory pathway that benefits its users in the correct ways? Fit and Fun Playscapes sits down with an expert, Dr. Tim Davis of SUNY Cortland, to discuss!
  • March Into March With March Ants!

    March Into March With March Ants!

    What are March Ants and why are they useful in sensory walks? Fit and Fun Playscapes gives a few examples of why March Ants are quickly becoming a favorite addition to sensory pathways!
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