• Playground Recess Zones and Recess Strategies For Play

    Playground Recess Zones and Recess Strategies For Play

    Planning your outdoor playspace is extremely important. According to an Aug. 2016 study conducted by the University of Missouri, titled In the Zone: An Investigation into Physical Activity during Recess on Traditional versus Zoned Playgrounds, “Researchers found that average physical activity increased by 10 percent and children averaged 175 steps more on a zoned playground compared to a traditional playground.” But what the heck is a...
  • PE Ideas - Tyrone Elementary

    PE Ideas - Tyrone Elementary

    With kids getting more and more screen time each and every day, breaks for physical activity are becoming more and more important. But how to get kids engaged in activities that teach life skills and promote physical activity? Some schools are turning to low-tech, high-energy alternatives reminiscent of yesteryears. But with a total update. Large scale, colorful games that bring diverse physical opportunities for...
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