• Letters to Save P.E. - A Letter from Beth Sibik

    Letters to Save P.E. - A Letter from Beth Sibik

    Beth Sibik is a physical education/wellness teacher for the Winchendon School District in Massachusetts. She has worked in the district for 21 years. The district has decided to cut the unified arts programs for the fall semester. She has written a letter to the district, which has been posted in a private Facebook group.
  • It's Time To Save PE

    It's Time To Save PE

    In the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and social distancing rules, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has warned that state aid for public schools could be slashed by 20%. The impact of these cuts will linger for years, particularly for those already hit the hardest: teachers, who are beginning to see job losses mount, and kids in poor areas, where schools often provide the only...
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