Sidewalk Magic: Fit and Fun Playscapes Brings Active Sidewalks Locally


In an article from The Highlands Current, our founder, Pam Gunther, revealed a new line of applications for our bestselling Reusable Stencils sets.

That article, titled "Blacktop Magic" by reporter Alison Rooney, was published on April 26 and discussed the idea of placing reusable stencils outdoors on sidewalks in order to facilitate active play during the country-wide lockdown measures implemented because of COVID-19.

On May 13, Gunther and a handful of local volunteers, with approval from the local village board, set down to work to paint a brand-new product line, Active Sidewalks!

Active Sidewalks, as we explained in a recent blog post, are amazing community activities that can be utilized with social distancing.

Take a look at how we "Chalked the Walk" in the photos below!!

boy kneeling next to sidewalk lettering

boy jumping on painted daisy hopscotch on sidewalk

woman doing a tree pose over a painted sidewalk marking

boy hopping on painted sidewalk markings that read "hop" and have circles

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