Planning Services That Help You Visualize

Having trouble creating your ideas? Is it difficult for you to convey your ideas to your team? Is your team unable to visualize your ideas? If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, Fit and Fun Playscapes can help.
Fit and Fun Playscapes can help you plan your recess areas, playground spaces, Active Sidewalks or sensory pathways. We have dedicated on-staff designers that can help you select the area best suitable for your Reusable Stencil or Super Stickers® project, choose products within your budget that are age appropriate, integrate best practices for safe and effective use, and create full-color, conceptual plans that help you and your team visualize your ideas.
  • For outdoor recess or sensory pathway planning using our Reusable Stencils, you should consider "zoning" your spaces. Visit our Recess Resource Center for more information about the factors that should be considered when designing an effective AND FUN outdoor space. 
  • For indoor sensory pathways, active hallways or classroom brain breaks, you can get really creative about where to put sequential circuits or "pockets" of physical activity. The sequence and patterns of movements become very important, especially to those with sensory or developmental challenges. Visit our Sensory Pathway Resource Center to learn more about what sensory pathways are, what movements are most helpful to get bursts or pathways of movement and hear from the experts on all things physical education.
This service is great for grant packages or presentations and gives an idea of how your play area or hallway will look when your Reusable Stencil and Super Stickers® sticker sets project is complete. Costs typically range between $75-150 but depend on the size of the area to be planned. Click here to start with a FREE consultation to get you started! Contact us by emailing us at, calling us at (800) 681-0684 or chatting with us. We're here to help. :)


  • Posted on by P. Terbuska
    Are there any samples of the spray chalk or other products that we can try and see if it is worth spending alot of money on the products.

    Thanks Pete

  • Posted on by Stephen Mirabello
    I teach Physical Education outside in our Lined parking Lot at Elementary Catholic school.Saint Pius V School Lynn Ma.I am inquiring on regards to an permanent in place agility course that can be textured to pavement on regards to parking lines .Thankyou

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