10 Folks For 10 Years


10 Folks For 10 Years

We're celebrating 10 years in business this month, so we thought it would be a great time to thank ten important individuals, organizations, specific schools or districts that we've worked with throughout the years. Without these folks, we would not be the company we are today, not the company you know today, and so it's worth stepping back and naming a few names.

Of course, we learn from every person, organization, or group that we interact with, but these ten are particularly special because of their ongoing work with us and impact on us as a company.

Over the next ten weeks, we'll name one individual, organization, school, or district that's been particularly important to us as a company over the last ten years per week, ending with a special 10th name that we've worked with for a long time.



SUNY Cortland Dept. of Physical Education

It's hard to know where to begin to thank Dr. Tim Davis from the SUNY Cortland Department of Education. Do we start by thanking him for his tireless input helping us design effective sensory games and activities, or his commitment to helping sensory-challenged kids at his self-built SIMS lab at SUNY Cortland? How about the presentations and seminars he gives at physical education-based conferences around the country? His instructional guest blog posts about all things related to sensory pathways? Or how about his experience and certification in adapted physical education and how that experience has deepened our knowledge and understanding of the subject?

Regardless of where you want to start, Dr. Tim deserves an ENORMOUS thank you from all of us at Fit and Fun Playscapes. You ROCK, Dr. Tim!!



Program Director, St. Catherine University

Dr. Adams is on much the same boat as Dr. Tim - it's hard to know where to even start with thanking her for everything she's done for the company and for hundreds of kids across the country.

Dr. Stephanie Adams, DHSc, OTR/L, Program Director at St. Catherine University

Dr. Adams' advice and education has been imperative for Fit and Fun Playscapes, specifically related to the play experience and executive functions, and how our products can better utilize those spaces. Her vast knowledgebase and friendly, helpful demeanor has been invaluable to us as we learn more and more about her specific area of expertise.

In addition to her amazing advice, Dr. Adams also appeared as a presenter in our August 2020 Zoom webinar, "Discussions on School Re Entry: A Candid Talk About Student PA, Wellness & Emotional Concerns." You can view that webinar by going directly to our YouTube channel OR by visiting this link on our website!



We can't forget Sarah Gurland, who helped our founder, Pam, design her first logo for Fit and Fun Playscapes! That's right - Sarah was one of the original people who helped get Fit and Fun off the ground 10 YEARS AGO! Wow!

Pam met Sarah through the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) at their children's school and the relationship blossomed from there. In addition to the logo, Sarah also helped Pam design Fit and Fun's first brochure and website. 

It's safe to say that, without Sarah's help, Fit and Fun Playscapes wouldn't be where we are today!!



NYS AHPERD has been such an integral part of our company, from the early stages of our founding all the way until now! We would not have learned about the many needs of education professionals in New York state without NYS AHPERD's invaluable resources and materials!

NYS AHPERD holds an annual conference in November at the Turning Stone Casino, which we're always eager to sponsor and attend. The folks we've met through NYS AHPERD - who we'll name in a few weeks - have helped our company grow in so many new ways that it's hard to put in words. 



This week, we're thanking Andrea Maasik, who helped our founder come up with the name you all know today: Fit and Fun Playscapes!

In addition to helping our founder come up with the Fit and Fun name, she also helped define Fit and Fun Playscapes as a fitness-focused company aimed at providing kids with fantastic options for physical activity. Without Andrea's help drilling down Fit and Fun's focus, we may not have been able to provide the thousands of kids we've helped with the physical activity games they love so much.

Thank you, Andrea!



This week, we're thanking the organization Playworks, whom we've collaborated with on countless occasions.

We've worked with Playworks on various playground projects across the country. Their commitment to provide play to kids every day lines up perfectly with our mission to "redefine recess."

Thank you, Playworks!

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